Our name tips it’s hat to our founder’s past of working in international diamond mines and the serendipity of forging a craft brewery that is a Diamond in the Rough. We take only the best premium quality ingredients from around the world and combine them with our unparalleled dynamic brewing process. Our logo features the Twin Sisters, the Texas Hill Country peaks that are visible from our brewery, cradling a rough diamond as it would be found in its natural state.

So, how did we end up with an infinitely flawless craft beer that continues to generate new and unique craft beers? This is where our founder, Costa Synodinos, and his tale come into play. Born in Greece, raised in South Africa, and a passport stamp collection marking over 30 nations, Costa has claimed the right to be known as our onsite adventure guru and head honcho. It is his embarking palate that has pushed Rough Diamond Brewery to experiment with exotic flavors and essences that most breweries would not consider for a typical brew. We aren’t your typical brewery, and we don’t make your typical beer. At Rough Diamond, we deliver a line of beers that are a cut above the best.


Here at Rough Diamond Brewery, you’ll notice that we take that extra step and it makes all the difference.  We use only the finest quality ingredients found in local and international markets and refuse to serve anything that doesn’t meet our exemplary benchmark standards.

From ingredient selection to packaging, everything we do takes part at our Texas Hill Country Brewery in Spring Branch, TX. Our beers are produced in a highly controlled and sanitized environment, which allows us to bring you a line of beer with unmatched quality.

Diamonds are stars that have fallen to the Earth. – Plato


Rough Diamond is not your run of the mill craft brewery. We are located on 6.5 acres of land, with 16,000 sq. feet of production and warehouse space, and an onsite tap room with over 1,500 sq. feet to enjoy our regular, seasonal, and experimental lines of beer. It goes without saying that we live up to the “Everything is bigger in Texas” mentality.


Every aspect of Rough Diamond Brewery tells a story: our history, our team and our beers all get combined into our sense of style. We feel that this opens the door for you to create your own stories that start with a great beer, a Rough Diamond beer.